George Medici

Los Angeles-based artist George Medici creates contemporary works that are not bound by traditional styles. His principal medium is acrylic on canvas, but he also uses mixed media such as metals and plastics in his works.

His work Che Palle!, marks his biggest artistic leap yet. The massive hanging sculpture, comprising 918 violet balls inside a clear plexiglass case, took nearly two years to complete.

In the realm of abstract expressionism, Medici’s Elements series reveals the earth’s natural resources in four large acrylic canvases depicting earth, wind, fire and water in vibrant textured colors. “We’re living in divisive times and it’s important to remember we’re on this big rock floating in the middle of space,” he says.

Medici’s abstract Bleeding Rainbowfurther explores this theme by showing the beauty of a rainbow mutilated by man’s actions in this colorful mixed media canvas. Medici also portrays irony in his Upside Down series, which include three sets of four acrylic paintings on canvas exploring the changing family dynamic.