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Two of Medici’s Works Shipped to Palm Springs

Along with its beautiful desert landscapes, Palm Springs also has the largest concentration of preserved mid-century modern architecture in the world.

“Bleeding Rainbow” in the dining room.

Riverside County’s most famed city is the perfect backdrop for two of Medici’s larger contemporary works that recently sold to a Burbank couple for their newly purchased vacation home.

“Bleeding Rainbow,” a mixed media abstract that stretches 56” X 66” and “Orange Static,” a 2-panel acrylic on canvas (24” X 48” each), were recently hung this December with the artist on hand.

Medici says the dichotomy of the struggle and progress of the LGTBTQ+ community inspired him to complete “Bleeding Rainbow” in 2017, which also has specially designed acrylic panes that provide added texture and dimension.

The artist used his squeeze bottle technique for his 2019 “Orange Static,” a multi-layer abstract that signifies energy and the universe.

Both of these works use wooden frames wrapped in canvas.

Reach out to info@artofmedici.com for more information.