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Medici’s “#Plant” Series Begins with Hope

According to Merriam-Webster.com, a bulb is a plant having or developing from a bulb.

Medici’s new social project involves another kind of bulb: a light bulb. According to the artist, these special edition “bulbs” are a metaphor for planting ideas such as hope and love, among others, so that they can grow, albeit virtually.   

Medici’s #PlantHope Series

The #Plant series begins with a set of nine colorful light bulbs with the hashtag #PlantHope in thick glow-in-the-dark lettering across the middle. The concept being that if people see these “bulbs” in a public place or online, they will be inspired to share the image across social media including Instagram with the hashtag #planthope.

“You plant a bulb, and something grows,” quipped Medici. “If someone sees these light ‘bulbs’ in a public garden or in a photo, perhaps they’ll share the image across their social platforms with the #planthope hashtag, and together, we can actually grow hope.”

Medici plans to “plant” other bulbs with varying messages and suggests to “be on the lookout” across Los Angeles County and beyond.

“I myself have to work hard to find hope in all that’s going on in the world, especially now that COVID-19 has overwhelmed all of us,” added Medici. “Maybe this project can help those like me replace the fear and isolation with hope and inspiration.”