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Dashboard Auctioned Off for a Good Cause

Medici’s 2017 mixed media Dashboard was featured in a silent auction to raise money for a Los Angeles-based charter school.

The artist donated the artwork after it received rave reviews during his most recent show, “Venture in Vulnerability,” which was held at Santa Monica Art Studios.

“I love the energy the piece gives off,” said the painting’s new owner. “This is my first real piece of artwork I own and thrilled to have won it in the bidding process. The school is focused on the arts so the proceeds are going to a good cause.”

Dashboard (38″ x 26″) was created to be hung vertically or horizontally, allowing viewers to experience two different perspectives.


Spring Too Late Is Meant to Be

For a lover of flowers and art, Spring Too Late was the perfect addition to this executive’s office in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Medici’s acrylic on canvas depicts the dichotomy between the beauty of spring and a polluted earth. Nearly 2,000 individual placed “stickers” and a distressed black mist simulate a black rain effect in this 2017 mixed media artwork.

“It [Spring Too Late] makes me happy every time I enter my office,” said Laurie, who has a propensity for flowers as evident by her office decor. “The painting it just me. I love it.”

The artist spent two months to complete the piece in various stages.


Che Palle! Still on Display in Santa Monica

Good news! Medici’s Che Palle! is still on display at Santa Monica Art Studios this weekend.

Gallery hours are Saturday 12-9 (Oct. 20) and Sunday 12-5 (Oct. 21).

The studio is celebrating its 14th annual “open house” featuring many other artists and a main exhibition in its Arena1 Gallery.

Che Palle! (pictured right) took nearly two years to complete, and is comprised of 918 balls within a massive plexiglass hanging structure.

Stop by the studios this Saturday and Sunday and meet George Medici in person.


Medici’s Venture in Vulnerability

Artist George Medici held his professional debut on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018 at the Santa Monica Art Studios.

Never-been-seen-before mixed media, acrylics on canvas and sculptures were on display as scores of family, friends and professional colleagues gathered on the eve of the artist’s month-long exhibit.

The show’s title, “Venture in Vulnerability,” was life imitating art, pushing Medici to finally show his art to the public despite his fears and reservations.

“The theme of the show is just that, a venture in vulnerability, as I put myself ‘out there,’ and showcase some of my key works developed over the past decade,” Medici mentioned on social media. “I even sold my first painting! Seeing my works on gallery walls really solidified my inner confidence as an artist and was a long time coming.”

The artist also received his first commission during the show.


Venture in Vulnerability: Sept. 8-Oct. 6, 2018

Friends –

Please join me on opening night of my art exhibit, Venture in Vulnerability, being held at Santa Monica Art Studios Studios on Saturday, September 8, from 6-9 p.m.

The theme of the show is just that, a venture in vulnerability, as I put myself “out there,” and showcase some of my key works developed over the past decade.

Acrylics on canvas, big canvases, mixed media and a massive 6.5’ X 8’ hanging sculpture will be on display, all within the realm of contemporary art, and yes, available, although I’ll be hard-pressed to part with them.